By Various
London   The Hakluyt Society
8.5" by 5.5"
A bright larger set from the second series of publications of the Hakluyt Society, each volume enclose in its original dust wrapper.
By Various

1970-2000 The Hakluyt Society Publications

London   The Hakluyt Society
8.5" by 5.5"
A bright larger set from the second series of publications of the Hakluyt Society, each volume enclose in its original dust wrapper.
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Publishers' Original Binding, With Dustwrapper

Twenty-eight volumes from the second series, part II of the publications of the Hakluyt Society, appeared between 1945 and 2000 in ninety-nine volumes. Comprising scholarly editions of primary records of historic voyages and travels. Including early accounts concerning geography, ethnology, and natural history.

Each volume complete in unclipped dust wrappers.

The present set is comprised of the following:

1970 Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings 1589-1605 in two volumes. Edited with Introduction, Additional Notes, Commentaries and Bibliography by W. E. D. Allen. Texts translated by Anthony Mango. Illustrated with seven maps, of which some folding, and eighteen full page plates, including coloured frontispieces and other colourful plates. Collated, complete. 

1971 Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas by Antonio de Morga Translated and Edited by J. S. Cummins. With two maps and three illustrations. Collated, complete. 

1973 To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey, The Journal of Lieutenant George Peard of H.M.S. ‘Blossom’ 1825-1828, edited by Barry M. Gough. With five maps and three illustrations. Collated, complete. 

1974 The Hakluyt Handbook edited by D. B. Quinn, in two volumes. With six maps and forty-eight illustrations in text.

1978 François Valentijn’s Description of Ceylon, edited by Sinnappah Arasaratnam. With seven maps and twelve illustrations.

1980 The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea by an unknown author, with some extracts from Agatharkhides ‘On the Erythraean Sea’ translated and edited by G. W. B. Huntingford. With eleven maps and ten illustrations, some in text. Collated, complete.

1981 The Expedition of the St Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific 1769-1770. From Journals of Jean de Surville and Guillaume Labé. Translated and edited by John Dunmore. With four maps and ten illustrations. Collated, complete. 

1981 The Voyage of Semen Dezhnev in 1648: Bering’s Precursor, edited by Raymond H. Fisher. Dezhnev was the first European to sail round the north-eastern tip of Asia. Translation of published Russian documents. Illustrated with twenty-two maps and three illustrations in text, one folding map. Collated, complete.

1982 The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster, 1772-1775 in four volumes. Edited by Michael E. Hoare. The previously unpublished journal of the principal naturalist on Cook’s second voyage. Illustrated with thirty-five full page plates and a folding map as well as further illustrations in text. Collated, complete. 

1982 Newfoundland Discovered: English Attempts at Colonisation, 1610-1630, edited by Gillian T. Cell. With three maps and two illustrations in text.

1983 The English New England Voyages 1602-1608 edited by David B. Quinn and Alison M. Quinn. With twenty maps and sixteen further illustrations in text. 

1987 The Iceland Journal of Henry Holland 1810, edited by Andrew Wawn. With eleven maps and nineteen further illustrations in text.

1988 The Journal of Rochfort Maguire 1852-1854: Two years at Point Barrow, Alaska, aboard H.M.S. Plover in the search for Sir John Franklin, edited by John Bockstoce, in two volumes. With six maps and eight illustrations. Collated, complete. 

1991 Prutky’s Travels in Ethiopia and Other Countries, translated and edited by J. H. Arrowsmith-Brown and annotated by Richard Pankhurst. With a frontispiece and four maps. Collated, complete.

1992 Barbot on Guinea: The writings of Jean Barbot on West Africa 1678-1712. Edited by P. E. H. Hair, Adam Jones and Robin Law. In two volumes. With fifty-six illustrations and maps. Collated, complete. 

1996 Olaus Magnus, A Description of the Northern Peoples, 1555. Volume I. Edited by Peter Foote and translated by Peter Fisher and Humphrey Higgins. With woodcuts in text and two maps. 

1996  Compassing the Vaste Globe of the Earth: Studies in the History of the Hakluyt Society 1846-1996. Edited by R. C. Bridges and P. E. H. Hair. Illustrated with thirty illustrations including frontispiece. Collated, complete.

1997 The Purchas Handbook: Studies of the Life, Times and Writings of Samuel Purchas 1577-1626. Edited by L. E. Pennington. In two volumes. With twenty-nine plates. 

1998 Petr Petrovich Semenov, Travels in the Tian’-Shan’ 1856-1857. Edited by Colin Thomas. Translated by Liudmila Gilmour, Colin Thomas & Marcus Wheeler. With fifteen colour plates and four maps. Collated, complete. 

2000 The Travels of Ibn Battuta A.D. 1325-1354 Volume V., compiled by A. D. H. Bivar.


In the original publisher's full cloth bindings. Externally lovely with minor shelf wear only. Dust wrappers unclipped and excellent with minor shelf wear only, sunned to spine. Internally, firmly bound. Pages bright and clean.


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