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 A Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy

Edited by G. E. Moore

1930-1947 - London and Edinburgh - Macmillan and Co; Thomas Nelson and Sons

 9" by 6"




A good run of the British peer-reviewed academic journal, Mind, published on behalf of the Mind Association, which is dedicated to the question of whether psychology could be a legitimate natural science.

New series.

Mind was established in 1876 by the Scottish philosopher Alexander Bain (University of Aberdeen) with his colleague and former student George Croom Robertson (University College London) as editor-in-chief. With the death of Robertson in 1891, George Stout took over the editorship and began a 'New Series'. The current editor is Thomas Baldwin (University of York). In the first issue, Robertson wrote;"Now, if there were a journal that set itself to record all advances in psychology, and gave encouragement to special researches by its readiness to publish them, the uncertainty hanging over the subject could hardly fail to be dispelled. Either psychology would in time pass with general consent into the company of the sciences, or the hollowness of its pretensions would be plainly revealed. Nothing less, in fact, is aimed at in the publication of Mind than to procure a decision of this question as to the scientific standing of psychology." Many famous essays have been published in Mind by such figures as Charles Darwin, J. M. E. McTaggart and Noam Chomsky. Three of the most famous, arguably, are Lewis Carroll's "What the Tortoise Said to Achilles" (1895), Bertrand Russell's "On Denoting" (1905), and Alan Turing's "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" (1950), in which he first proposed the Turing test.

Volume XXXIX. No. 155, July 1930.

Volume XXXIX. No. 156, October 1930.

Volume XLVI. No. 181, January 1937.

Volume XLVI. No. 182, April 1937.

Volume XLVI. No. 183, July 1937.

Volume XLVI. No. 184, October 1937.

Volume XLVII. No. 185, January 1938.

Volume XLVII. No. 186, April 1938.

Volume XLVII. No. 187, July 1938.

Volume XLVII. No. 188, October 1938.

Volume XLVIII. No. 189, January 1939.

Volume XLVIII. No. 190, April 1939.

Volume XLVIII. No. 191, July 1939.

Volume XLVIII. No. 192, October 1939.

Volume XLIX. No. 193, January 1940.

Volume XLIX. No. 194, April 1940.

Volume XLIX. No. 195, July 1940.

Volume XLIX. No. 196, October 1940.

Volume L. No. 197, January 1941.

Volume L. No. 198, April 1941.

Volume L. No. 199, July 1941.

Volume LI. No. 201, January 1942.

Volume LI. No. 202, April 1942.

Volume LI. No. 203, July 1942.

Volume LI. No. 204, October 1942.

Volume LII. No. 205, January 1943.

Volume LII. No. 206, April 1943.

Volume LII. No. 207, July 1943.

Volume LII. No. 208, October 1943.

Volume LIII. No. 209, January 1944.

Volume LIII. No. 210, April 1944.

Volume LIII. No. 209, January 1944.

Volume LIII. No. 211, July 1944.

Volume LIII. No. 212, October 1944.

Volume LIV. No. 213, January 1945.

Volume LIV. No. 214, April 1945.

Volume LIV. No. 215, July 1945.

Volume LIV. No. 216, October 1945.

Volume LV. No. 217, January 1946.

Volume LV. No. 218, April 1946.

Volume LV. No. 219, July 1946.

Volume LV. No. 220, October 1946.

Volume LVI. No. 221, January 1947.

Volume LVI. No. 222, April 1947.

Volume LVI. No. 223, July 1947.

Volume LVI. No. 224, October 1947.

Notable articles within this collection include; "The Emotive Meaning of Ethical Terms" (1937)  by Charles Leslie Stevenson, "Studies in the Logic of Confirmation" (1945) by Carl G. Hempel, and "The Contrary-to-Fact Conditional" (1946) by Roderick M. Chisholm.

Each volume is in its original publishers' paper wraps.

George Edward Moore was an English philosopher. He was, with Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and (before them) Gottlob Frege, one of the founders of the analytic tradition in philosophy. Along with Russell, he led the turn away from idealism in British philosophy, and became well known for his advocacy of common sense concepts, his contributions to ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics, and "his exceptional personality and moral character." He was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, highly influential among (though not a member of) the Bloomsbury Group, and the editor of these influential journals between 1921 and 1947.


In original publishers' paper wraps. Externally, chipping to the extremities of each volume, with sunning to the spines and extremities. Slight marks to the wraps. No. 156's front wrap is detached, and is lacking the rear wrap. Slight loss to the rear wrap of No. 155, as well as a large closed tear to the front wrap of No. 193. Neat ink signature to the front wrap of No.s 155 and 156. Loss to the front wrap of No. 186. Evidence of past worming to the last few leaves and rear wrap of No. 197. Internally, all volumes are generally firmly bound, although with some straining to No. 190, No. 195, and No. 197. Bright throughout, with many leaves that are unopened. Generally clean, although with some occasional instances of light foxing. Overall: VERY GOOD with some of the earlier volumes being GOOD.


Price: £575.00

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