Back Editor's Choice: Number Twenty-Seven

Editor's Choice: Number Twenty-Seven

Here below are listed some of our favourite new arrivals. We have numerous scarce and important pieces such as a fairy annual written by the attendant sprite to their Majesties Oberon and Titania, Robin Goodellow, and a second edition of Voltaire's work praising the English. All are waiting to be re-homed to a new library, this is your chance to find your perfect match. We hope you enjoy this selection from our latest catalogues. 

1879 Self-Defence by Ned Donnelly

An uncommon first edition work on the art of boxing, a wonderful volume on the sport by Ned Donnelly. In the original pictorial cloth. Check out our selection of sporting works here.


1906 Pugilistica
by Henry Downes Miles

An illustrated history of British boxing, from the bare knuckle rings of 1719 to the 1863 championship battle between King and Heenan.


An exhibition catalogue for a celebration of the work of Bill Brandt, signed by the photographer himself.


1983 The Engravings of Eric Gill by Christopher Skelton [ed.]

An impressive first edition of this celebration of the engravings of Eric Gill, housed in the original slipcase. You can visit our art catalogue here


1961 Perspective of Nudes by Bill Brandt

A signed first edition of this important publication of nude images from British photographer Bill Brandt. Are you interested inphotograohy? You can find more volumes on the subject here.


1969 The Unfortunates
by B. S. Johnson

The first edition of this fascinating unique experimental novel by B. S. Johnson, issued in 27 sections.


1963 The Spy Who Came in From The Cold by John Le Carre

A very smart, first edition copy of John Le Carre's award winning novel 'The Spy who Came in from the Cold'. This Cold War spy novel depicts Alec Leamas, a British agent who was sent to East Germany as a faux defector.


1910 Manet and the French Impressionists by Theodore Duret

A smart copy of this work on French impressionists, in the original blue cloth binding. Illustrated with etchings, wood engravings and half-tone engravings.


1959-61 Italian Paintings and Drawings
by Antoine Silern

Some fine first editions illustrating Antoine Seilern's remarkable collection of paintings and drawings held at 56 Princes Gate London. A smart set.


1813 The Travels and Memoirs of Sir John Reresby by Sir John Reresby

A finely bound, first edition copy of Sir John Reresby's beautifully illustrated European travelogue. Explore more of Europe thanks to our vast selection of travelogues!


1839 The Orchard Including the Management of Fruit Trees
by Charles Mcintosh

A scarce, beautifully illustrated, Victorian work on orchard management.


1809 Commentaries on the Laws of England
by William Blackstone

A new revised edition of this important law work by William Blackstone, one of the most influential works on law ever written. Complete in four volumes.


1925 Modeko, Modern Decorative Art in Confectionery by Adolf Heckmann

A delightful work celebrating confectionery art. Complete with recipes, instructions and tools for making these delicious desserts. For more cookery books, you can browse here.


1792 The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling by Henry Fielding

A very smart early edition of Henry Fielding's famous picaresque novel 'Tom Jones'. From the Cooke's edition of select British novels with the two engraved leaves regarding the Cooke's edition which are dated 1792. We have numeorus early English literary pieces, which you canview here.


1741 Letters Concerning the English Nation by Voltaire

A very smart, scarce, second edition of Voltaire's work praising the English. Voltaire wrote this work in English, and it was initially published in 1733. A French translation shortly followed in 1734. The second edition is considered the most scarce. Find more social studies here.


1896 Odes and Other Poems by John Cowper Powys

A very scarce first edition copy of this poetry anthology by John Cowper Powys.


1907 The Construction and Reconstruction of the Human Body b
y Eugen Sandow

A very scarce first edition of this amazing work by Eugen Sandow, inscribed by the author himself. With a preface by noted author Arthur Conan Doyle. The present is an extrenely charming work of anatomy. To browse more similar works, click here.


1890 The Book of the Dead Facsimile of the Papyrus of Ani

The first edition of this striking facsimile of the Papyrus of Ani, an important ancient Egyptian papyrus, this facsimile containing thirty-seven bright colour plates.


1958-66 Mani and Roumeli by Patrick Leigh Fermor

Two exceptional copies of these popular travelogues exploring Northern Greece and Southern Peloponnese by P. L. Fermor, the first editions.


1703 The Cheats and Illusions of Romish Priests and Exorcists by Nicholas Aubin

A vanishingly scarce first English translation of Nicolas Aubin's historical work on the Loudun Possessions in 1634.

1825 The Terrific Register: or, Record of Crimes

A scarce first edition of the collected edition of the penny dreadful, 'The Terrific Register' a crime magazine enjoyed by Charles Dickens. To find more work on crime throughout history, click here.


1896 Modern History of the City of London by Charles Welch

A first limited edition of this extensive imperial folio work on the modern history of the City of London, illustrated throughout.


1838 The Fairy Annual by Robin Goodellow

A vanishingly scarce miniature annual printed for fairies. Comprising both poems and prose, this work states to the dedication that it was printed in the dominions of Titania and Oberon.


1823 The British Essayists

A lovely and complete collection of eighteenth century journals bound in smart and gilt leather. With the works of such important writers as Joseph Addison, Richard Steele, John Hawkesworth, Philip Stanhope 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Jonathan Swift, Richard Cumberland and Alexander Pope.