By Vanessa Bell; Leonard Woolf
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A fantastic selection of Bloomsbury Group letters. All addressed to one Miss Monica Young from Vanessa Bell, Leonard Woolf, Naomi Michison and Duncan Grant.
By Vanessa Bell; Leonard Woolf

c1960 Bloomsbury Group Letters

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A fantastic selection of Bloomsbury Group letters. All addressed to one Miss Monica Young from Vanessa Bell, Leonard Woolf, Naomi Michison and Duncan Grant.
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A fantastic selection of letters from some of the most noted figures in art and literature during 20th century Britain. 

The recipient of these letters was the ceramicist Monica Young (1929-2004). Young was for a time based in Sussex, but moved to Yorkshire in 1974. It is possibly Young was associated with the Bloomsbury Group in Sussex. and also knew them from the arts scene. It seems that from the letters she was also an avid painter. 

Comprising four letters total, and an envelope addressed to Miss young dated 1962 with Leonard's signature on the front. 

The first letter dated only 'Apr 25' is from Vanessa Bell. It is on headed paper from Bell's country home Charleston, Firle, Sussex.  The letter reads 
' Dear Miss Young, Thank you very much for your letter and the nice thing you say about my show at Agnew's. I am glad to say that your Dutch friend did so see it and write to Mr Grant. I hope that you and she are able to get some painting done, but I know how difficult it is to combine it either with marriage or any other work. Dieppe is a wonderful place to paint I think and I am glad you managed to go there. My son is very much pleased at your liking his book - I too found it very amusing! Yours sincerely, Vanessa Bell'.  The letter is in reference to the show that Bell and Grant organised at the 'Coronation Exhibition of Contemporary British Artists at Agnew and Sons, London, in 1937'.  The letter is written in blue ballpoint pen. 

The second letter, is dated Sep 11, and is also sent from Charleston Firle in Sussex and is from Duncan Grant. 'Dear Miss Young, thank you for your letter. I would like to meet you and your Dutch friend. But I think if you don't mind it might be for a part of your visit till October. I am going to Paris in a week till Oct 8 & until then am painting out of doors as long as this lovely weather lasts. Will you write later and tell me when it would suit you to come over? Yours sincerely, Duncan Grant'.  

The third letter is typed from Leonard Woolf dated 1963 and states 'Dear Monica, it was very nice of you to write. I have never had any animal quite like Troy and naturally miss him a great deal. Yours, Leonard'. There is a hand-written envelope from Woolf with Young's address 'Miss M young, 11 Toronto Terrace, Lewes, Sussex'. 

The final letter is from Naomi Mitchison, and is also a typed letter 'Dear Miss Young, How nice of you to write - one always wonders who at all reads one's books. Lpis is now in Oxford (32 Park town) with her two little girls. The marriage broke up and she has been very unhappy; the divorce not through yet and her husband behaving pretty badly. The real difficulty is that she doesn't at all like her job, teaching at a polytechnic in Reading. I wish she could hear of something else. Val is in London, with five children and an increasing interest in education, finds herself having to run all sorts of committees. The grand-daughters are a lively lot and bully me, but quite nicely! yours, Naomi Mitchison.'  Here she is referring to her daughter Lois Michison.


All letters are very smart. Some minor creasing to the edges of the Grant and Bell letters. Small tape repair to the rear of the Vanessa Bell letter. A few light spots to the Grant and Bell letters, owing to their age.

Very Good Indeed

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