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New York   American Management Association
9" by 6"
Sixty eight volumes from the American Management Association Marketing Series.
By Various

1938-1957 American Management Association Marketing Series

New York   American Management Association
9" by 6"
Sixty eight volumes from the American Management Association Marketing Series.
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First Edition, Publishers' Original Binding

Sixty-eight volumes from the American Management Association Marketing Series, spanning from number 31-100, missing numbers 45 and 53. Number 81-100 are in green paper wraps, the others are in paper wraps. 

The American Management Association is an American non-profit educational membership organisation for the promotion of management based in New York. These volumes are part of their marketing series with volumes on Increasing profits on the Marketing Dollar, Effective Merchandising, Promoting Dealer and Distributor Cooperation, The Marketing Concept: Its Meaning to Management, Building and Marketing a Profitable Product Line, Strengthening the Sales Organisation and other topics within the marketing world. 

31-Merchandising Aspects of Packaging 
32- Engineering Aspects of Package Development 
33-Recent Developments in packaging Progress 
34- Problems Under Informative Labelling 
35- New Problems of Sales Management 
36- Industrial Marketing 
37- Sales Costs and Price Policy 
38-Palnning the Package 
39- Sales Personnel Techniques 
40- Efficient Management of the Sales Organisation 
41-The Economics of Packaging 
42- Changes in Packaging Techniques 
43- Marketing Problems in Defence Economy 
44- Adjusting Sales Appeals to Defence Conditions, with a folding sheet on the 12 most important 1941 Sales Appeals.  
46- Transportation and Routing of Salesmen 
47- Wartime Adjustments in Sales Personnel 
48-Sales Planning for the Duration-and after 
49- Trends in Wartime Selling 
50- Operating under Wartime Marketing Restrictions
51- Wartime Adjustments in the Sales Structure 
52-Population Shifts and Post-War Markets  
53- Finding and Planning the Post-war Sales Structure 
54- Rebuilding the Sales Organisation 
55-Analysing Post War Market Potentials
56- Charting Sales to the Post War Consumer 
57- Selling Enters a New Era
58- Reducing Distribution Costs 
59- Determining Markets and Defining Sales Territories 
60- Practical Techniques in Sales Selection and Training 
61- Sales Compensation Plans 
62- New Marketing Horizons 
63- Modern Market Research Procedures 
64-Organisation Behind the Salesman 
65-Aid in Training and Selecting Salesmen
66-Principles and Practices in Sales Compensation
67-Planning the Price Structure 
68-Organisting for more Effective Sales Effort  
69-Coordingating Markets and Sales Efforts 
70-Cost reduction for Sales Management 
71-Getting and using market and Business Data 
72-New Concepts in Market Management 
73- Techniques of Distribution Cost Control
74-The Human Factor in Salesmanship  
75- Sharpening Sales Effort Through Market Research
76- Revitalising Your Sales Force
77-economic Factors in Market Planning 
78- Performance Rating and Job Analysis for Sales Personnel 
79-Stepping Up the Salesman's Effectiveness
80-Effective Merchandising 
81-Esentials of Successful Sales Management
82- How Management is meeting changed marketing conditions 
83- Changing Patterns in Distribution 
84-Rating and Developing the Sales Force
85-Problems in Developing and launching New Products 
86- Policies and Controls for improving Sales Efficiency 
87- Streamlining the Sales Management Job
88-Evaluting Sales Training Needs and Methods 
89-Markets and Marketing Techniques 
90- The Sales Department Looks at Costs  
91-Blueprint for and Effective Marketing Program 
92-Selling Costs and Market Potential 
93- Making Better Use of the Human Factor in Selling
94-Broadening the Sales Department's Role 
95-Guides to Strengthening the Sales Effort
96-Broadening Horizons in Marketing 
97-Strengthening the Sales Organisation 
98- Building and Marketing a Profitable Product Line 
99-The Marketing Concept 
100- Increasing Profits on the Marketing Dollar 

With a slip stating that the enclosed divisional publications are sent to you as a member service of the American Management Association. 


All are in the original paper wraps. Externally, generally smart with the front wrap torn to the tail of no. 31 and numbers 39, 52, 60, and 70 the wraps are separate but present. The wraps are loosening to 74. Each volume has a stamp to the front wrap and inscriptions to the top corner. Internally, firmly bound with generally bright and clean pages.

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